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When reached the market, 2014 Hyundai Accent can provide a dynamic and innovative design, at the side of an enclosed that will be thus roomy it really has been upgraded from the epa given by a subcompact to the compact sedan rating. the Hyundai Accent was named as “the king as to actually the subcompacts” from the motor trend magazine.

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it’s a challenge to imagine that Hyundai will improve upon one in every of the most beneficial subcompacts upon the market nowadays. with its 1. 6l gdi dohc 4-cylinder engine having been selected as one in every of ward’s ten best engines of 2012, its spacious interior, and full series of high-tech and advanced safety features, there’s not abundant that they actually be required to do to elevate a car that will be already among the highest of its class

that being aforesaid, expectations are that the engineers at Hyundai can work on enhancing their award winning engine’s epa estimated 37 mpg so as to attain the gorgeous 40 mpg rating. speculation leads conjointly towards the possibility that a turbocharged version as to actually the existing 4-cylinder engine could be developed too.

Hyundai has developed an 8-speed automatic transmission, at the side of an all-new 10-speed automatic, it also is intriguing to take into account that one or each of such transmissions could possibly be employed within the whole 2014 Accent. the current model features either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic.

look for a couple as to actually the several special features to shift from optional to normal across the trim levels. these can embrace bluetooth wireless and steering wheel-mounted controls for audio, with a whole new navigation system conjointly being included within the whole combine.

Eventhough Hyundai Motors did not release any press information about the upcoming Hyundai Accent 2014, as per source of autoshow bookings, Hyundai will reveal its Accent Verna 2014 for the next Asian Authoshow and still in the process of finalizing venues. There will be a slight change in design on Hyundai Accent 2014 including its bumper skirt adjustments and aluminum design on hatch compartment, since most demands are coming from Asia, they re-adjust its bumber to be more tough on aerodynamics. In Addition, Engines will be more on Gasoline base Automatic and CrdI (Diesel) Engine will be less manufactured. As per their research Hyundai Accent will be armed with full control security and its new Hyundai full option function on Continuos Variable Valves Timing(CVVT) – which is also basically applied in their latest 2013 Hyundai Cars Model.

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Hyundai Accent has been known for its kin gasoline consumption and its strong acceleration response on Manual transmission. For the Hyundai Accent 2014, the Automatic Transmission response will be adjusted and will typically improve its performance for long drive purpose.

Based on Hyundai Accent Model minor problems, like power lock malfunctions and windows, Hyundai Accent 2014 upgraded its motor sensors and its power locks and windows to meet the customer satisfaction.

A 100% Cooling System Tolerance is expected by car enthusiast since Hyundai Accent recent models are the best cooling system ever in small sedans. Out of 10 drivers used the Hyundai Accent Models from 2009, 9 of those driver marked Hyundai Accent as Excellent Cooling System Ever and most of them never experience cooling system failure for useing their Hyundai Accent for over 5 years

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