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Following a small facelift that many of us saw along at the 2013 geneva motor show, general motors has already started to actually work on following generation opel antara amd Chevrolet Captiva. our spy photographers have caught the very first mule out obtain a testing session, and albeit the corporate tried to actually hide it underneath this chopped up Chevrolet orlando, it’s clear that its one thing fully totally different.

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the new-generation antara/Captiva will certainly be built on a brand new platform, known as d2xx, who can additionally be accustomed for your own new Chevrolet cruze that could arrive in 2014.

ok, therefore what makes us believe this can be not really a real orlando ? 1st, this prototype is offered utilizing a four-wheel-drive system, that isn’t obtainable upon the orlando, and there may be additionally twin exhaust pipes. the wheelbase is slightly shorter in comparison to the normal orlando and of course the front finish is additionally chopped up to help make area for your own new engine and cooling system.

after all, when it comes to actually exterior style, the next-generation suvs can have nothing in common in the orlando seen here. rumors recommend it’ll borrow one thing due to recently announced opel mokka.

After a small facelift that we saw at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, General Motors has already started to work on the next generation Opel Antara amd Chevrolet Captiva.

Our spy photographers have caught the first mule out for a testing session, and even though the company tried to hide it under this chopped up Chevrolet Orlando, it is clear that it’s something completely different.

The new-generation Antara/Captiva will be built on a new platform, called D2XX, which will also be used for the new Chevrolet Cruze that will arrive in 2014.

Ok, so what makes us believe this is not a real Orlando? First, this prototype is offered with a four-wheel-drive system, which is not available on the Orlando, and there are also twin exhaust pipes. The wheelbase is slightly shorter than the standard Orlando and the front end is also chopped up to make room for the new engine and cooling system.

A quick look under the car reveals a 4WD system – which the Orlando doesn’t have – and twin tailpipes. The mule also reportedly has a slightly shorter wheelbase than the Orlando, and a front end that’s been modified to make room for the new engine and cooling.

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