Can you believe that car navigation systems have already been around for over a decade? It is only a few years ago that a road trip would mean carrying with you a fold up map and a compass just to find your way through the unfamiliar territory. Fast forward to today, the installation services from car navigation systems Marietta dealer, will save you a lot of trouble on the road. You will cleverly avoid heavy traffic, road constructions and other obstructions that can keep you from getting to that meeting in time.

The car navigation system has allowed drivers to plan better travel schedules, avoid dangers on the road as well reach their destination safely in the least time possible.

car navigation systems Marietta
car navigation systems Marietta

Although the use of GPS technology dates back to early 1960s, it was highly restricted to military use. In fact, it is only in the early 2000 that the groundbreaking revelation of navigation systems for cars in Atlanta and all other parts of America was commercialized and made available to everyone. This move was made possible after President Clinton signed a bill that ordered the military to unscramble satellite signal so all civilians can use it.

Since then, the evolution of car GPS systems has seen drivers go from relying on computer-generated map printouts to portable navigation systems, in-dash navigation systems, and GPS-enabled mobile phones.

Car navigation devices have become not only a must have installation but also an important part of car performance upgrades because they increase efficiency and improve driving experience.

When shopping for the best installation from car navigation systems Marietta dealers, some of the top features you need to look out for are such as;

Up-to-date navigation routes and locations

What good is a navigation system installation that cannot provide you with the latest city plans, roads and places of interest in Marietta and Atlanta at large? Before installing a GPS device, ensure that it can be regularly updated to include traffic and location changes within the area.

Split screen functionality

The ideal in-dash navigation system should be well integrated to offer multiple visuals on the screen including location simulation, satellite image, quick access to controls panel and multimedia. Moreover, it should have a sensitive touch screen that is easily to use while you are driving.

Video/Audio capability

New systems from car GPS Marietta dealers come with entertainment features in both video and audio formats. However, you should check to ensure that the device can play all the major formats, so you don’t miss listening to your favorite songs.

Voice recognition and speech synthesis

In addition to video/audio entertainment features, ask the car navigation Marietta dealer to give you a device that can synchronize your voice and provide sound directions. This feature is especially helpful when you are focused on driving and can’t risk shifting your attention to the screen.

Camera application

Lastly, ensure that the navigation screen is integrated with the front and back cameras to help in providing a better driving experience.

Indeed, navigation systems have come a long way, and it is exciting to think of what the future holds. But as we wait for continued development and launch of new features, you get your car fixed with the current technology by visiting Monster Customs – the best car navigation systems Marietta dealer.



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