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Citroën has been the new fad for the car lovers, and as you get to know more about the model range, you will understand why. Andre Citroën founded this in 1919 in France and today it is one of the second largest groups in the whole continent. With the most contented customer feedback, Citroen dealership is now synonymous with the sellers of the highest quality cars.

citroen dealership

Before you get interested in the citroen dealership, here are some of the features of the new model which make you fall in love with this four-wheeler.

Get to know more about the range of models

Citroen C5 Brisbane dealers sell has the characteristic concave rear window, which is similar to its larger model. But to make it distinctive, it has a reverse curve that allows easy access of the windows to boot. The lower body gets a sophisticated touch with the exclusive trimmed option of the chrome. The rest of the features such as the radiator grille, side windows, and the bumpers are equally smart to use and look at. With its powerful body profile and aerodynamic lines, this super stylish Citroën C5 Saloon will definitely make you feel special. The LED daytime running lights augment the elegance of the vehicle while increasing the visibility of the car. Available with a wide selection of wheel diameter, you can customize your new car with 16″ – 19″ alloy wheels.

The Citroen DS5 Bbrisbane dealers sell is yet another model from the Citroën model range which has the high-riding hatch. It gives a more road-hugging look than most of the MPVs you see on the road. If elegance is what you want along with the most advanced technology, DS 5 is for you. The softly curved-out roof of the vehicle gives it a muscular look. The original cabin is clearly an inspiration from the best of the aerospace designs. The toggle switches and the scroll wheels are perfectly placed. The spacious interiors of the new citroen cars give it ample scope for the entry of the natural light. Moreover, the spread leg space makes it easier to drive for long miles without any tiredness. What will make you fall in love with this car is the advanced light and touch technology which recognizes the driver and gives you a keyless access. All you have to do is to start the push button which will ignite the engine.

Good cars make your customers happy

Yes, the Citroen cars are the best. If you still think that the features mentioned above are less, here are a few more.

–         The soft diffusion system within the cars will help to create a uniform blanket of air, and the temperature can be customised as per the requirement.

–         For each rear passenger, there is an air outlet which will help to control the intensity and the direction of the air flow.

–         You can also be sure of high quality and soundproof ride with the help of the two sheets of glass.

–         The absorbent materials surrounding the engine make it less noisy.

Overall one can say that with the most advanced features of the model ranges, you can be much sure of working out a successful Citroen dealership.



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