Find out the best way to import a Toyota Supra

If you are based in Australia and looking forward to importing a car, you should keep in mind that not all types of cars can be imported. Australia has import guidelines about which types of cars can be imported for use on its roadways and only cars manufactured before 1999 are exempt from these rules. That said, if you want to, say import Toyota Supra, it is important to familiarize yourself with the import rules and regulations, and also to do thorough research about what kind of imported car will fit your needs best.

In Australia, you can import the following types of cars:

·        Japanese

·        American

·        European

Imported cars can be of the following brands:

·        Cadillac

·        Daihatsu

·        Ford

·        Honda

·        Hummer

·        Infiniti

·        Isuzu

·        Lamborghini

·        Maserati

·        Mazda

·        Mitsubishi

·        Nissan

·        Volkswagen

·        Toyota

·        Aston Martin

·        Ferrari

Among these, Japanese domestic market or JDM car import may actually turn out to be easier than you anticipated. A Japanese car auction and sometimes dealers use a comprehensive grading system using numbers and figures to convey the exact condition of a car. Moreover, different types of Japanese cars for import are usually reasonably priced, making them a good choice when you are looking to import a vehicle on a budget.

Now, if you have decided on importing a vehicle, it is important to know how to import a Japanese car.

The following basic steps are a part of the overall car import process:

·        Sourcing a suitable car

·        Bidding for it (and purchasing)

·        Shipping (and clearing customs)

·        Delivery of the vehicle

·        Compliance (which includes warranty, risk and insurance issues)

For example, if you want to import Toyota Supra, you should carefully research for auctions and dealers that have extensive stock and a good track record of supplying cars in superior condition. Moreover, keeping in mind certain criteria while selecting a car can help you get a good deal.

These criteria are as follows:

·        Low kilometres run in the car’s lifetime

·        A good service/maintenance record

·        Minimum damages on the vehicle

·        Price comparison of similar cars in the same category

·        Past ownership history

·        Earlier usage patterns

Moreover, while choosing a particular model and make, keep in mind the following features:

·        The car should be comfortable – neither too big nor too small

·        It should give you adequate mileage

·        It should fit your budget

·        It should have an accident-free history

·        Its overall performance record should be good

·        What reviews and ratings for a particular make and model have to say about a car

Moreover, it is extremely important to keep your specific needs in mind. A small family may be quite happy importing a functional compact car. A James Bond fan may opt for an Aston Martin while someone who moves in the swish set may prefer a Ferrari.

At the end of the day, no matter whether you import Toyota Supra or a Mitsubishi vehicle, it is important that the vehicle is the best possible match for your requirements.

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