Top Reasons to Buy Skoda Octavia

It used to be that if you wanted a cheap, reliable and elegant car, the automatic choice was the Skoda Octavia. For most buyers, it was the cheaper alternative to the VW Golf Car. In the recent years, the Skoda that you are likely to find at a Skoda service has increasingly grown in size. The new Skoda is now closer to the VW Passat in terms of size.

The Skoda Octavia has everything that you would need in a vehicle. The best part is that it is one of the more affordable rides for most buyers. You can find great offers when you buy Skoda dealer offers in your city.

The Space

One of the most winning features of the new Skoda cars is the space in the vehicles. The back of the vehicle may not be as comfortable but the same applies to many other vehicles in the same class. The boot of the Skoda Octavia can comfortably swallow your family’s holiday package. The vehicle also has a tailgate that opens widely and in a high position to help you with the loading and the unloading of luggage. The tailgate has a grab handle that can help even the smallest of adults to close it. When you buy new Skoda cars, you will also find plenty of in-store storage spaces. It is a small, reliable and very practical vehicle.

The Comfort

The new Skoda Octavia offers a very firm ride in town. It can comfortably soak up many of the imperfections on the road. The ride will also settle down comfortably as you increase the speed of the vehicle. In the motorways, you will be able to cruise comfortably with the vehicle.  The engines of the Skoda are pretty smooth and also quiet. You might hear some wind noises on the side but it is a little bit more subdued and is unlikely to get on your nerves. The front seats of the vehicle are bigger and more comfortable. These are also designed with lumbar support in case you purchase the mid-level SE specifications from a Skoda service. Read more here

The Dashboard

In the past, Skoda was more of a budget brand but the look and feel has gotten a lot classier lately. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the vehicle’s dashboard. There are rotary air-conditioning controls inside the vehicle which make it easier to control the vehicle temperatures. You will also be able to control the stereo, vehicle settings and the sat-nav via a simple touch screen.

The shortcut buttons in the vehicle will help you in quickly switching between the various functions in the vehicle. The vehicle menus have been clearly laid out.

Fun and Easy to Drive

The vehicle has parking sensors in order to assist you in figuring out where the back of the car ends.  Most versions of the vehicles are fitted out with these parking sensors. The vehicle also has properly weighted pedals, steering and the gearshift.  All these mean that the Octavia is a vehicle that you can drive very smoothly. You will be able to pull it out very easily without grappling with frequent gear changes.  You can sample out the full features of the Octavia at a Skoda service before making the purchase.



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